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Thank you for visiting our new Internet site. Kelly is a Chinese massage professional who specializes in traditional Chinese massage; she has successfully cured her patients from the pain and fatigue cause by manual work and the stresses of life. This can result in muscle, neck, shoulder and back pain. Hence, she is well known by her patients.      

I come from a beautiful city in Southern China--Nanning. I worked at a State hospital there before I moved to USA. My traditional Chinese massage were qualified from: (1)The China First Affiliated Hospital Of Guangxi Province; (2)The China;(3)National Medical Research Institute of Guangxi Province;(4)The China Zhuang Medical Hospital of Guangxi Province;(5)Senior Massagist certification in 2004

I have also studied ‘Ding Xiang Zheng Gu Fa’ theories and had an internship at the special massage department of the PLA Air Force. This massage technique could release cervical and back pain which is caused by a Slipped disc.  


l        Provide authentic traditional Chinese massage treatment
l        Reducing and releasing physical discomfort or pain
l        Bring a relaxation and health care to our client
l        Provide non-sensual only massage

To set an appointment, please contact me at:

1562 S Parker Rd, Denver CO 80231

Phone Number: 303-923-3317 or 720-561-9658

Hours of Operation: 9AM-9PM 7 days per week.

Price: $25 per 1/2 hour or $40 per hour for massage.

Massage Services include: (1) Keep Fit Massage;(2)Relaxation Massage;(3) Healing Massage;(4)Shiatsu Massage. All massages done with massage oils. 

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